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As your professional career begins to wind down, it is so common for the doctor to begin slowing down. Whether it be a factor of less energy, less desire or less focus; a slowdown is inevitable and understandable. Doctors work awfully hard throughout their career and deserve to be able to take it a little easier during the final years leading up to retirement.

However, while a slowdown is certainly deserved, there is a significant cost attached to slowing down! Most doctors are not fully aware that the value of their practice is directly tied to the most recent production history of the practice. As a doctor slows down, the practice production also slows down. Consequently, the doctor’s practice value drops accordingly!

You may be surprised to know just how many doctors we have met that lost hundreds of thousands of dollars in practice equity in just the final 2 years prior to retirement. This is so unfortunate because it is so unnecessary. Many doctors simply do not understand that they can sell their practice now and still delay their retirement until months or even years later. Selling your practice today no longer means that you must also retire today!

The PreSale Program provides an exit strategy that makes so much more sense. By implementing the PreSale Program, a doctor can sell his or her practice today at full market value; PLUS continue to work for as many more years as the seller wishes; PLUS enjoy all of the following very special benefits:

FREEDOM: You can continue to practice as much as you wish, even years. Except now you will be practicing free from those costly overhead expenses! Without an overhead, you will have the freedom to pursue other interests. Without an overhead, you will be able to enjoy those well-deserved extended vacations. Without an overhead, you will be able to enjoy more hobbies. You may even decide to pursue other career opportunities. The PreSale provides the ultimate freedom… you continue to get paid for doing practicing with no overhead responsibilities!

MAINTAIN A CONTINUOUS INCOME: Unlike so many doctors who slow down to the point where their collected production barely covers their practice expenses, the PreSale

seller continues to enjoy a positive cash flow as he or she slows down. Your income is assured regardless of how little you decide to practice since you will always receive a contractually guaranteed fixed percentage of your collected production!

PRACTICE VALUE PROTECTION: Your practice is sold while at its peak market value, so you and your family are protected from a declining practice value resulting from decreased, or even the total cessation of clinical production.

FINANCIAL SECURITY: The value of your practice will not be negatively impacted by your death or your disability. Many doctors don’t realize that a dental practice loses at least 50% of its equity value as soon as the primary provider dies! The practice continues to lose 10% to 15% of its original value each month thereafter. Typically, if the practice is not sold within 6 months of death, there is little to no value remaining at all. The PreSale seller (and his or her family) does not have to worry about this any longer. Selling now eliminates the need for your family to try to sell your practice at a time of great personal loss and grief.

INTEREST INCOME: By selling now so you can take possession of your practice equity, you are converting a non-interest bearing asset (your practice) into an interest-bearing asset while you are still continuing to practice. This means that you will receive simultaneous income for practicing as well as the earnings on the dollars received from selling your practice.

REVERSE THE EQUITY TREND: Instead of losing practice equity as you slow down toward retirement, selling now gives you access to your practice equity in real dollars thus allowing you to be able to enjoy the magic of compound interest. The PreSale seller’s practice equity dollars will grow even larger, while those doctors who do not sell early generally experience a significant loss of practice equity as they approach retirement!

CONFIDENTIALITY: The fact that you sold can remain completely confidential until you are ready to retire. The transaction is normally announced as an association. Your patients and your colleagues simply think you have a new associate in your practice.

TRANSITION: Introducing another professional to your patients, years before retirement, allows for a smooth transition as you begin to phase out. Your patients become familiar with your “associate”, reassuring them of continuous care once you do decide to retire.

Once you have completed a PreSale transaction, you will gain a refreshing new perspective. You will be able to practice when you want, on the patients you choose, and doing only the procedures you like. The PreSale Program truly is the ULTIMATE program for “having your cake and eating it too!”

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