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Jaquay Enterprise is fully committed to the success of all our clients. Whenever a business or practice changes hands, we help both the buyer and seller facilitate a smooth transition and offer expert consulting services to help clients throughout Oklahoma achieve their goals.

Whether you’re thinking about selling your business or practice today or ten years from now, Jaquay Enterprise can help.

The first step is to have a complimentary consultation with our owner, Tabitha Jaquay, to talk about what exactly you are looking for as well as sign a non-disclosure agreement. The non-disclosure agreement does NOT mean you are only able to work with Jaquay Enterprise. What it does mean is that if you purchase a business or practice through Jaquay Enterprise, we have some basic expectations for you as the client. These expectations mainly revolve around issues of confidentiality.

It is important to take things slow. Make sure to do your homework and do your due diligence throughout the process. Remember, the business or practice you will purchase represents someone else’s years and years of hard work. Also, think about the team that is currently working at the existing practice. This transition not only affects you but that whole team. 

Even if you are not yet ready to sell, now is the time to gain information about what that process looks like. If nothing else, you are being educated about the process of selling your business or practice in the future and you are able to find out the current value of your practice. Gaining information can also help you to clarify what your timeline will look like when it is time to sell.

Yes! Because transitioning a business or practice can be stressful, the last thing that business owners and doctors are thinking about during a transition is insurance credentialing, or what insurance contracts they are already on, which ones are going to follow them to their new locations, and how that is going to affect their new practice. By taking a look at the demographics of a new business or practice, Jaquay Enterprise is able to point out which contracts they are already on and which contracts they may need when moving to a new location.

Jaquay Enterprise will remain a consultant for both companies three months following the merge. We look at the existing systems and cultures each business and practice has in place and figure out the best ways to combine the two. Even if teams do not quite “mesh” at first, we support everyone throughout the process of blending the groups together. Depending on the styles of the existing teams, we may even do a communication and personality style assessment to further assist everyone during the merge.

We understand your individual needs as a buyer or seller. What is more, we walk with you throughout the whole transition of either buying, selling, or merging your practice. We even go as far as to remain a part of your process for three months after you buy, sell, or merge.

As transition advisors, it is our job to be honest with you, or as we say “tell you the good, the bad, and the ugly.” Whether you are starting a business/practice, selling a business/practice, or purchasing a business/practice, it is our job to give you the right information. Sometimes what you need to hear can be difficult to hear. We will always ask your permission before beginning to be honest and straightforward with you.

The best way for you to get started is to sit down and have a complimentary consultation with us. This allows us to get to know you better and understand what your goals are as well as where you are wanting to take your business or practice. It also helps you to get to know us and how we can represent you moving forward.

Check out these testimonials from a few of our many successful clients:

Read more testimonials from our clients below:

“I consulted with Tabitha of Jaquay Enterprise regarding the valuation and sale of my practice.  Tabitha explained the process very clearly to avoid any misunderstanding.  She handled the gathering of data and the presentation of a proposal very professionally and with a very minimum of interruption to the practice operation.  The whole process went very smoothly and with a minimum number of glitches which were always handled and alleviated with ease.  She was available to answer questions and address any concerns that I had.  She has remained in touch even after the sale during the transition which has been very helpful.   I was very pleased with my experience and would recommend her services without question to anyone seeking a broker in the sale of their practice.”

John P. Theobald DDS

“Tabitha Jaquay-Fernandez was a priceless practice transition and consultation resource during the recent sale of my dental practice and office building. Without a doubt, if I had known about her and employed her from the beginning, my entire experience in selling my practice would have been 100% different.”

Thomas Loken, DDS

“At 45 I decided to purchase an existing practice (along with my best friend from dental school.) Tabitha made the transition seamless and remarkably easy. From all her years in the consulting and transition business she is well polished and very pleasant to work with. I highly recommend her services and expertise to anyone who is purchasing a practice or fine-tuning their own practice to make it more productive.”

John Landers, DDS

“We have used Tabitha (Jaquay Enterprises) now for more than a year,  from a practice valuation and proforma, into a transition specialist, and now into management of our growing business. She has been invaluable to us through this process. With her guidance, we have been able to make decisions with confidence, knowing that we have a firm knowledge base behind each and every decision; Decisions made with intention. We have been thrilled with the transition and can’t thank Tabitha enough for her advice and leadership along the way.”

Karen Freet, Children’s Dental Health Center

Whatever your goals, whether it’s breaking into the business, taking your office to the next level, or preparing to sell your practice, Jaquay Enterprise is your solution. Tabitha Jaquay-Fernandez can help increase productivity and profitability.

To learn more about our services or our unique approach to practice management, contact Jaquay Enterprise today and request a free consultation!

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Whether you’re thinking about selling your practice today or ten years from now, Jaquay Enterprise can help.

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