Many business and practice owners across Oklahoma are of the false impression that they do not need consultants to launch their new systems or improve their current systems within their established operation. It is more than just trusting in your professional skills on which they can build reputation and revenue. Typically, it is true that professionalism, qualifications, and skills propel an owner to have a well-established operation, but just as important, a skilled professional also needs a management consultant to assist with the business process and workflow with the entire team. Transitional consulting is what we do best.

We offer customized management solutions that are appropriate for any kind of business you have established. Our proven systems for transitional consulting produces efficiency, consistent communication and a workflow that is easy, team-friendly, and customer/patient-friendly.

Our job is to help you refine your business systems and team members, allowing you to stay focused on your business. Regardless of how long you have been practicing, whether it has been 2 years, 10 years or 25 years, there is always room for improvement. While you may have your own ideas or goals for your business or practice, you may not know how to achieve them. Jaquay Enterprise provides expert consulting services to make your business or practice as productive and profitable as possible!

The first step is to assess what your business or practice does well and identify areas where improvements can be made. The second step is to create a strategy or treatment plan to address the issues you’ve identified and helped achieve your goals. The final step is to implement your strategy to help your business or practice succeed. This sounds like a simple step, but implementing new techniques or policies can take time for you and your team to get comfortable with.

We can help refine all aspects of your operation with hands-on consulting and coaching from Tabitha Jaquay-Fernandez. Unlike larger programs, all of the coaching is conducted hands-on with you and your team, not in a classroom. This allows us to focus specifically on your training needs. In our assessment, we take into account the economic challenges and your geographical location, as well as the dynamics and skill set of your team.


Whether you are a new business or practice, at the crossroads of your career, or a veteran ready to transition your business or practice over to a new owner, Jaquay Enterprise is ready to help.

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  • Become proficient in interpreting different types of insurance plans
  • Recognize the four categories of billable procedures
  • Understand the authorization process and the importance of S.O.A.P. in documentation
  • Receive tips for working with insurance companies to obtain patient benefit information
  • Utilize diagnostic tools, such as I-Cat, saliva tests, medical history intake and risk assessment forms, and clinical skills
  • Identify how to document and submit medical necessity information
  • Know how to prioritize and report medical diagnostic and procedure codes
  • Learn about the history, structure and format of ICD-10 coding system

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