If you’re approaching retirement or are considering switching careers, you may be considering selling your business or practice. This is a great way to boost your retirement savings or pay for new education. However, with the daily demands of running your business or practice, it can be difficult to find the time or energy to locate a buyer.

Clients who are unable to sell their business or practice are forced to close them. This is a lose-lose scenario. Besides missing out on the profits of a sale, new professionals are forced to start their own business or practices from scratch and displaced clientele are forced to go looking for another local business or practice. Fortunately, Jaquay Enterprise is here to help facilitate the sale of your business or practice.

We specialize in helping professionals in selling their businesses or practices to maximize financial returns and manage a smooth transition process that allows the business to change hands without compromise. Jaquay Enterprise also offers expert consulting services to help clients in Oklahoma maximize their business potential.

Whatever your reasons for selling, get an experienced transition advisor who can find a buyer at the right price.


If you plan properly, virtually every business or practice has a value and can be sold to another party.


Jaquay Enterprise can assist any business or practice owner to receive market value for their respected operation by completing a functional transition, appraisal, merger or sale of that operation. We can determine the market value for your business or practice. During this evaluation process, we typically identify various improvements that could be made to your business or practice which would make it more efficient and even more valuable. Consequently, we have been in several potential mergers or selling of the business or practice in which we essentially “fixed” the operations to a point that the owner decided to remain content and not merge or sell at that particular time.


business or practice appraisals, mergers, transitions and sales are not just for retirees. It may be that you desire to continue to work but in another part of the country, overseas, or even take a sabbatical to do mission work. The business or practice transition, appraisals, mergers, and the sales process is much the same, whatever the reason. Let us discuss with you all the options for engaging to represent you in this business or practice transition. Typically, the process always begins with a business or practice (e)valuation or market value appraisal. We, along with you, want to know what the operation is worth and what can be easily tweaked to make it even better during the business or practice merger, appraisal, sale or transition. Much like a realtor would tell you to declutter your house or to paint a room, we can encourage you to what needs to be done in your operation to assist and attract the best potential buyer.


Now that the business or practice is ready to transition either through a merger, sale, or buying, and we know its market value, we can determine how you want to work with Jaquay Enterprise. Let our 17 plus years work for you and provide for your transition needs.

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Our Closed Listings

Here are some of the practices we successfully sold!


    Code: OKPBRLT20  Amazing practice opportunity with focus on implants, crown & bridge and denturesDigital x-ray, fully computerized, Eaglesoft software and 5 fully equipped ops.  Fee for service practice.  Collected $854,000 with a profit margin of 51%.  Call today for more information 833-238-4777 or email

    Location: Tulsa, Oklahoma


    Code: OKTJGTC18 Fantastic partnership opportunity in Tulsa! This office is a well-established, fee for service, biologics dental office. They specialize in non-metal dentistry, providing natural…
    therapies (often in combination with conventional ones) to prevent, diagnose & treat diseases of the oral cavity. With 2 providers practicing 3 days a week, the gross income is at $1,568,890 and collecting 98%.  Overhead is 42%, 33 new patients per month, and the business is growing. Digital x ray, CT, laser, cerec are just a few of the extra bells and whistles in this practice. For more information contact Tabitha Jaquay-Fernandez at 833-238-4777 or email Tabitha at


    Listing: OKTJFDHL18   Located in rural Oklahoma this practice has gross collections of $347,442 on just 3 days/week with a hygiene growth potential of $353,965, active patients of 1,411 and 20 new patients a month. 4 ops total, 3 equipped, 1 plumbed, digital x-ray and pano, Dentrix software. Call TODAY for more information 833-238-4777 or email Tabitha at

    Location: 25 minutes East of Tulsa
    State: Oklahoma

  • Amazing Practice Opportunity in Tulsa Metro
    Location: Tulsa Metro
    Amazing practice opportunity with over 1,900 active patients!   Seeing an average of 24 pts/per day and 12 new pts /month.   4 ops, digital x-ray, pano, laser and is currently referring out 100% of endo, ortho, implants, and oral surgery. Production is $755,063 with take home of $133,000 AFTER paying the bank note.  If you enjoy endo, extractions, and implants, you can see growth quickly.   This opportunity won’t last long! Call Tabitha TODAY for more information at 833-238-4777 or email
  • Practice 45 Minutes Outside of Tulsa
    Location: 45 minutes outside of Tulsa, OK
    Active patients of 1269, 9 new patients per month, lots of growth opportunity in a great community and good schools.  Refers out 100% Ortho, 100% Implants, 20% Oral Surgery, 15% Endo.  Profit is 49% on every dollar you produce.  Call today for more information 833.ADVISRS or email
  • Great Location in Tulsa Metro
    Location: Tulsa, OK
    This practice has 978 active patients, 7 new patients a month! 3 Restorative ops and 1 Hygiene, Eaglesoft software. Referring out 40% Endo, 90% Perio, 50% Oral Surgery, 100% implants, 100% Ortho. Collections average 500,000 with a 52% profit.   Amazing growth opportunity, contact Tabitha at 1-833-ADVISRS or
  • Amazing Practice SE of Tulsa
    Location: SE of Tulsa, OK
    Great rural location, with over 3700 active patients, 1440 in active recall and 8 new pts a month with 6 hygiene days/week! 3 restorative ops and 2 hygiene. Referring out 80% Endo, 100% Implant, 90% Oral surgery, 60% Ortho.  Collecting on average $570,000.   This opportunity won’t last long! Contact Tabitha at 1-833-ADVISRS or email

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