General Medical Practice Transition

General Medical Practice Transition

Any type of medical practice requires years of blood, sweat, and tears to build. As a medical professional, it is important that you reap the benefit of your years of hard work! At Jaquay Enterprise, we are passionate about helping medical professionals successfully buy and sell their practices. Whether you are ready to transition your career into a new space or simply looking to plan for the future, our team of general medical practice transition advisors is ready to partner with you!

Selling Your General Medical Practice

There are many reasons why a practitioner may decide to sell their practice. If you are looking to relocate, retire, or simply transition into a new career path, selling your general medical practice is often the first step. However, even if you aren’t planning a transition in the near future, the transition advisors at Jaquay Enterprise can help you strategize for the eventual sale of your practice.


From helping you assign a fair market value to your practice to marketing your practice, Jaquay Enterprise will help you streamline the entire process. Our goal is to help you maximize the benefit of your practice sale while respecting and honoring your wishes for the transition to the new owner.


We specialize in a wide range of general medical practice transition types. While some practitioners choose a walk away sale model that allows them to fully disconnect from the practice, others desire a type of partnership with the new owner. We will work to assess your needs and desires to determine which type of practice sale or transition would be most beneficial for your situation.

Buying a General Medical Practice

The decision to purchase a general medical practice in which to treat your patients requires much thought. There are many factors to consider including the location of the practice you are buying, how much to offer for the practice, and how you will transition with the current practice owner. Especially if this is your first general medical practice, the process can seem quite overwhelming.


At Jaquay Enterprise, our team is ready to partner with you as you take this exciting step in your career! We will help you determine the value of practices on the market in your area and navigate the sales process with you. With our expertise, we are able to easily and effectively help you secure a practice that is poised for success. Whether you are ready to make the leap into general medical practice ownership or simply curious about what the process would entail, our team is ready to partner with you!

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With almost two decades of experience in practice transitions, the Jaquay Enterprise team has the knowledge and expertise necessary to streamline your general medical practice transition. Through our professional consulting services, we can help you assess the value of the practice you are buying or selling, ensuring that each member of the party benefits from the transition. To learn more about general medical practice transition advisors, contact our team today!

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