Why You Should Use Essential Oils in Your Dental Office

Why You Should Use Essential Oils in Your Dental Office

I distinctly remember walking into the dentist’s office when I was a kid and breathing in the scent of sterilization, toothpaste, and fluoride. I was immediately reminded by the smell that I was here to see a doctor, which would always make me nervous.

Did you know that it’s not a rare thing to find essential oil diffusers used in the waiting rooms and lobbies of dentists and other medical offices? Many doctors have caught on that essential oils can help mask all the negative things associated with visits, particularly certain smells or anxiety.

The best essential oils to use in your medical office are CPTG oils, which stands for Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade. This means that these specific oils are free from any toxic fragrances that can cause negative reactions.
If you’re questioning how essential oils could benefit your medical office, here is a list of things to consider:

Essential Oils Can Get Rid of That “Doctor Smell”

So how can you save your clients from being traumatized by the stereotypical “doctor smell” that tends to permeate in dentist offices? You can diffuse essential oils!

By diffusing essential oils in your lobby and waiting room, you can erase the negative associations from the air. Many times, the client is already walking into the office with nerves. The “doctor smell” on top of those nerves will just contribute more to the client’s anxiety. People start to negatively anticipate the smell of the dentist’s office before they even walk through the door.

Surprise your clients by erasing the “doctor smell!” Now, your client doesn’t have to be reminded why they’re at the dentist and what for. Essential Oils can offer a clean and comforting scent that the client can take time to enjoy.

Calm Your Client’s Nerves By Using Essential Oils

Not only will essential oils eliminate the nervewracking “doctor smell” from your dentist office, but it can actually scientifically help to calm your clients. Fragrances such as lavender, lemon, and chamomile have been proven to calm anxiety. (see more information here.)Diffusing essential oils into the air is a great way to help your clients calm their nerves before they ever walk into their appointment.

Many people sit in the waiting room of the dentist fretting about their appointment, what they need to do when they get to work, and what time they need to be home to take care of the kids. By sitting in your office and breathing in the essential oils, you can help your clients feel calm and worry-free before the stress of the day begins.

Change the Atmosphere of Your Office With Essential Oils

On top of calming the nerves of your clients, essential oils can work to change the entire atmosphere of your office! Essential oils can work not only for your clients but also for your employees. These oils can provide a calming and relaxed work environment for your workers to partake in.

In my office, everyone loves the essential oil diffuser. The employees take ownership of picking the perfect scent for the lobby, and the fresh scent can easily set the feeling for the day. I highly recommend getting some essential oils for your office to enjoy.

Essential Oils Cleanse the Air From Scary Germs

Essential oils can cleanse the air of your dentist’s office from scary germs. Yes, I know a dentist’s office isn’t usually where sick people go, but many clients still get the eebie jeebies when it comes to germs and bacteria. You can put their worry to bed by letting them know that the essential oils you use are actually cleansing the air from germs.

Investing in essential oils like eucalyptus, lemongrass, and tea tree oil (see more info here) can help to keep the air clean and fresh from germs. This can help everyone feel cleaner and less susceptible to that season’s bug when it rolls around.

Help Create Conversation by Diffusing Essential Oils

Last but not least, essential oils can help create a conversation between your staff and your clients that may have never happened otherwise. Many people are genuinely interested in essential oils and will most likely ask about what’s being diffused into the lobby or waiting area.

Conversation between staff and clients helps to create a lasting relationship. Give your clients something to ask about by putting essential oils throughout your office.

The take away from this should be that essential oils can help improve your client’s experience. An improved experience means a loyal customer and good referrals.

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