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Oklahoma Dental Consultant | Jaquay Enterprise 

Oklahoma Dental Consultant 

Many people don’t know what an Oklahoma Dental Consultant is, but according to the American Association of dental consultants, and Oklahoma Dental Consultant can provide information and insight for one’s dental practice in aspects of dental insurance, claims policies, network management, standards of care, and utilization. An Oklahoma Dental Consultant  can help with setting up a specific program around patient care, human resources, business optimization, or infection control. 


Benefits of Using an Oklahoma Dental Consultant Oklahoma Dental Consultant

Often times the one who owns a business can often overlook certain aspects as they appear day in and day out. And Oklahoma Dental Consultant  can help with your dental practice by providing an outsider’s opinion and input on your practices business. Those other set of eyes often can see things that would go unnoticed. An Oklahoma Dental Consultant can pick up on every day aspects like the type of language used during patient interactions to the much more detailed aspects of dentistry. If you are trying to improve your dental practice, consulting with an Oklahoma Dental Consultant can significantly improve your business and practice, while also increasing the quality of care for your patients. The most successful dental practices are not born on their own, both the work of the owner and input of others are what builds up a successful practice. When aspects of a business are lagging, such as low production levels or a patient base that is not expanding, Oklahoma Dental Consultant can help you address certain areas and greatly improve your practice. 


Hiring an Oklahoma Dental Consultant 

Prior to hiring your Oklahoma Dental Consultant there are a few things you should know. It is important to ask questions before hiring any particular consultant. Here are a few questions you should always ask: 

  • Do you really understand me as a dentist and my story? 
  • Do our core values match up? 
  • And will your team enjoy working with these consultants? 

Each of these questions is particularly important for their own separate reasons. As for the first one, understanding you and your story, this is what sets your practice apart from your competitors. Your story and how you got there gives your practice a personality that allows patients to connect to. Without this connection you won’t maintain or increase your customer base. As for Cora values, the Cora values is what you build your practice upon. If you value a certain aspect, Lake patient trust or respect, you need to make sure that the Oklahoma Dental Consultant also shares this value and doesn’t jeopardize it in order to do what they think is necessary. And lastly, will you enjoy working with them. You will be the one spending money on hiring a consultant, so if you will not enjoy the process with this particular consultant, it will not be worth your money. And after all, money is what you’re looking to increase while working with an Oklahoma Dental Consultant, not lose it. 


After Choosing an Oklahoma Dental Consultant 

Now that you’ve gone through the process of interviewing numerous Oklahoma Dental Consultant, it is time to start going through the steps and processes of improving your business’s practice. The first thing you should discuss with your chosen consultant is what you expect to be accomplished. When discussing your goals, be sure to ask them what steps in particular they think we’ll be able to help and to detail them out for you. Next would be to go through the consulting agreement and to make sure that both sides understand the terms and what needs to be met. And lastly, see if you were chosen a consultant has a structured a follow-up program. This program will ensure that your consultant doesn’t just point out problems but helps you implement ways to improve them and then later on come back to check to make sure that their solution did improve your problem. 


Oklahoma Dental Consultant  | Jaquay Enterprise 

Many dentists across Oklahoma are of the false impression that they do not need consultants to launch their new systems, or improve their current systems within their established practice. It is more than just Oklahoma Dental Consultanttrusting in your dental skills on which they can build reputation and revenue. Typically, it is true that professionalism, qualifications and skills propels a dentist to have a well establish practice, but just as important, a skilled dentist also needs a management consultant to assist with the business process and work flow with the entire team. Dental practice consulting is what we do best. 

For years, Tabitha Jaquay-Fernandez has worked as a Oklahoma Dental Consultant. Analyzing your systems, providing direction to reduce expenses, looking at ways to work smarter not harder while producing and collecting more and increasing new revenue flow. Her passion to help clients reach and exceed their goals drives her motivation. 


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