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What I Need to Know About Improving Dental Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) Fees ( negotiating insurance contracts )

As a dentist, you have studied and sacrificed for years, and now you have specialized knowledge about teeth, oral health, the gums, and mouth. Conversely, did you know you also need to have specialized knowledge concerning dental insurance plans and/or preferred provider organizations (PPO) and how to negotiate insurance contracts? The reality is that the dentistry profession is one of the few remaining health care professions where the majority of providers operate or own in a private practice environment. You, a dentist, are a proud health care provider, and also the owner and operator of your health care company. Lets keep learning about negotiating insurance contracts.

Like any profitable and lasting business, your dental practice must be able to turn a profit from your services rendered. Jaquay Enterprise specializes in making your dental practice profitable. They will help you and/or your team to understand how dental insurance companies operate, what simple steps you can take to improve your dental fees, and how you can negotiate dental insurance fees in order to keep your business in healthy and profitable margins. Negotiating insurance contracts is what we do best.

Participating in a PPO


As a dentist, you are not required to participate in a preferred provider organization (PPO); however, in most circumstances, it can be beneficial to your business since most people who visit the dentist have dental insurance. Statistics prove that most dental patients have dental insurance through a provider and are typically required to use dentists that are in-network for dental care. If you participate in a PPO, then those patients will have the opportunity to choose you for their dental services provider. Negotiating insurance contracts…is it worth it?

There are disadvantages participating within PPO and negotiating insurance contracts. One of the major disadvantages of participating in a PPO is that you will be under contract with the insurance company to render dental services at a predetermined fee schedule, which typically lasts for two years. Typically, those fees are discounted, but they do not have to be. Talk to Jaquay Enterprise today to assist. We enjoy negotiating insurance contracts on your behalf.


Reimbursement Rates and Dental Fees in a PPO


When your dental practice participates in a PPO dental plan, the reimbursement fees for specific dental procedures and care are already determined in a contract as stated previously, but it is important to know that you are able to negotiate the contract. There are various and compelling reasons to negotiate a higher fee of reimbursements for your dental office, and there are also imperative reasons to choose various PPO plans over other PPO plans. In order to maximize your insurance reimbursement plan, it is best to have someone with experience to help you such as Jaquay Enterprise.

At Jaquay Enterprise, we work specifically with dentist professionals to assist them and increase the reimbursement schedule. Call now to find out more about how we can assist negotiating insurance contracts and various dental insurance rates along with finding the best PPO plans in your respected area. Contact us at 833-238-4777.

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