When it comes to the business world, branding is everything. Your brand will communicate to your customers who you are and the purpose and vision behind your work. Dental offices are no different; your branding can appeal to the specific patients you want while adding a personal touch to your office.

Question: Do you have any experience rebranding following an acquisition and is it needed? How long did it take, how much did it cost, and ultimately, was it worth it for you?


If you just purchased a practice and the seller used his/her last name in the practice name you absolutely should rebrand.  Patients need to see the new doctor as the leader/owner of the office and if you leave the practice name with the seller’s name on it, it’s like they never left…you just joined the office.

Don’t get me wrong, I highly recommend making slow gradual changes when taking over an office.  You do, however, need to “own” it, “stake claim” to what you have purchased, and be proud of what you are now building.  Branding is one of the first building blocks to a solid foundation and it will be the first impression on existing and potential patients.

There are several ways to keep the cost down when you are rebranding, and you can do certain parts in phases.  For example, decide on a name, (ideally NOT using your last name)  a logo or a font “treatment, and a tag line.

Colors!  Colors have meaning and say something to your patients. Stay away from reds since you are in dental we don’t want patients thinking of blood. And just for the record, just because you are a dentist does not mean you have to have an extracted tooth with pointy roots in your logo.  You do more than extract A TOOTH.

Branding doesn’t have to be done immediately; however, sooner is better than later.  You want your patients to know there has been a change and yet they will still receive the quality of care they have been used to.

I had a consulting client I started working with over two years after he purchased his practice. He had never changed the signage from the seller’s name outside or on the doors inside, and his new patient numbers stayed low month after month.

He lost existing patients that hadn’t been in for a while because they thought the old doctor was still there or the business just never changed hands.  After we took the old signage down and started using the new name and logos he had already created and just never used patient flow picked up!  This is a necessary step; if done right, it will increase traffic in the practice!!

Branding is Key to Your Practice’s Success!

At Jaquay Enterprises, we work with you to develop a brand that will define your business and appeal to your customers. Branding not only contributes to the initial launch of your practice but also to the longevity and the popularity as well.

What are your questions about designing a brand for your dental practice? Send us an email or leave a comment and we’ll address it in a future blog!