As a dentist, you are great at what you do

As transition advisors,
we are great at what we do.

Transitioning dentists through buying, selling or merging practices is what Jaquay Enterprise has done for over 17 years.  We help sellers receive market value for their respected practice, and we help buyers find a practice to suit their needs, much like a realtor.

Practice transitions are complex.

Attorneys and accountants know how to crunch the numbers and create documents, but they do not necessarily understand how to operate a dental practice – especially during a merger, appraisal, transition or sales phase.  Trust Jaquay Enterprise to be your professional advocate when it comes to dental practice transitioning.

Jaquay Enterprise

Seasoned transition advisors like Jaquay Enterprise are hard to find. For years, Tabitha Jaquay-Fernandez has worked as a transition management consultant, facilitating the sales of practices and helping to maximize office efficiency. Based in Oklahoma, Jaquay-Fernandez only works with local practices to find buyers for a fraction of the cost that larger companies charge.

Whether you’re looking to buy or sell your practice, Jaquay Enterprise is your solution!

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Buying your first practice

If you’re getting ready to graduate, you’re probably considering your professional options moving forward which may include buying a medical or dental practice. Many new grads decide to work as associates to start paying off their student loans. After all of your hard work, you’re ready to run your own practice, but you may be unsure whether or not you can afford it. The key is to find a practice that meets your needs professionally and financially. Jaquay Enterprise can help you find a practice in Oklahoma and start your career!

Thinking about selling your practice?

Whether you are planning to retire, move or change careers, if you plan properly, virtually every dental practice has a value and can be sold to another dental party.

Jaquay Enterprise can assist and consult throughout the process to optimize the market value of your practice.  The process typically starts with a valuation or appraisal, then we can advise what can be easily tweaked to add value and attract the best buyer.

We have helped many others through this process.  Let our experience work for you.

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Why you need dental practice consulting

As a dentist, your reputation and revenue depend on more than just your own professionalism, qualification and skill.  A skilled dentist also needs a management consultant to assist with the business processes and work flow for your entire team.

Whether you are a new practice, at the crossroads of your career or a veteran ready to transition your practice over to a new owner, we can help refine all aspects of your practice with hands-on consulting and coaching.

We help assess what your practice does well and identify areas where improvements could make your practice as productive and profitable as possible.

Let us answer your questions.

  • What is my practice worth today?
  • Can I still practice after selling my office?
  • Should I sell my building at the same time I sell my practice?
  • Will I be required to do seller financing?
  • What are the common mistakes made when preparing to sell a practice?
  • Is it better to bring in an associate or a partner?
  • What if I want to practice 3-5 more years?
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