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Oklahoma City dental broker | Jaquay Enterprise

Oklahoma City dental broker 

Are you located in Oklahoma City? Do you need a dental broker? Are you looking for a dental broker? Do you need in Oklahoma City dental broker? Are you looking for in Oklahoma City dental broker? Do you need dental broker help? Do you need Oklahoma City dental broker help? 


What is an Oklahoma City dental broker 

An Oklahoma City dental broker is a professional that guide you through every step in the transition process of a dental practice. It dental broker has gone through training that makes them an expert in taking you through every step of a dental transition, including finding the value of a dental practice, purchasing or selling a dental practice, negotiating and writing contracts, and the transition that takes place from one owner to another. Basically, they are your mentor through the transition of your dental practice from start to finish. 


Oklahoma City dental broker work 

Oklahoma City dental broker provide a wide range of services for both buyers and sellers related to dental practice transitions. Whether you are selling a dental practice or looking to purchase one for you, the goal of an Oklahoma city dental broker is to ensure that you have a smooth and enjoyable transition. The majority of services fall under one of five categories which go as follows: 

  • Information gathering and analysis. In this category a Oklahoma City dental broker will go through and review financial statements, equipment and staff assess on-site dental practice and will create a dental practice profile if one is not already created. 
  • Dental practice evaluation. In this category the dental broker will assess the office space and the lease, evaluate dental equipment and software, review dental practice services and Oklahoma City Dental Brokerphilosophies, and will evaluate the Goodwill and financials stature of the practice. 
  • Finding potential buyers/practices. This is a very key step as this is win the dental broker will gather a list of potential dental practices that fit your needs. They will also find some potential qualified buyers for the practice, market your practice online and off-line, give access to exclusive prospects database, utilize their buyer information forms, create and manage buyer competition, arrange and manage appointment for prospect visit, and send info packages too interested prospects. 
  • Negotiations and contracts. This is where the Oklahoma City dental broker will utilize offer forms, negotiate transactions, provide sample agreement of sale, and review contracts. 
  • Mentoring and advice. This last category is where the Oklahoma City dental broker will guide you through with the dental practice transition process and answer your questions along the way. They’re also share not knowledgeable request of typical buyer/seller request during the transition process, provide and put on practice or buyer offers, provide suggestions regarding the allocation of the sale price for tax purposes, or for buyers to financing sources, provide advice on how to help patients with the transition process, address buyer and seller concerns. 



Why you would need an Oklahoma City dental broker 

A dental broker is both for those who are looking to purchase a dental practice, our listing a dental practice, selling a dental practice, need assistance in negotiating insurance contracts, need help with medical billing, are looking to start their dental transition, or just simply need consultation. 


Choosing the right Oklahoma City dental broker 

When it comes down to your dental transition, Weatherby buying your purchasing, you need to approach this process with common sense. Meaning, always be straightforward and explain your expectations, retirement goals, buying goals, and concerns. In this case, there really is no such thing as a stupid question. Interview potential dental practice brokers with a list of questions in mind. Most brokers will work hard to sell your dental practice, but check their track record and reviews from other dentist as to have a more even and spread review of the certain dental practice broker. Most Oklahoma City dental broker long-term business comes from referrals. Meaning, most brokers only get paid when the practice deal closes. Make sure you understand how the Oklahoma City dental broker gets paid and if there are any personal incentives. 


Knowledge Oklahoma City dental broker 

Before selling your dental practice, or purchasing one, seek advice from an expert in dental practice transitions. Talk with your accountant about any tax ramifications with different types of transaction of structures so you are financially prepared. Also consult an attorney who regularly does dental practice sales. If you don’t know any lawyers well-versed in dental practice deals, ask the Oklahoma City dental broker. Most brokers will give you a list of reputable lawyers. 



Finding an experienced Oklahoma City dental broker 

Seasoned transition advisors are hard to find. But Jaquay enterprise, ran by Tabitha Jaquay-Fernandez has worked as a transition management consultant, facilitating the sales of practices in helping to maximize office efficiency. Based in Oklahoma, Jaquay-Fernandez only works with the local practice to find buyers for a fraction of the cost of the larger companies charge. Whether you’re looking to buy or sell your practice, Jaquay enterprise is your solution. 



Jaquay Enterprise Oklahoma City dental broker 

Jaquay Enterprise has 17 plus years of work experience in the dental transition world that they can use to provide you with everything you need for your Oklahoma City dental broker. They are fully committed to the success of all of their clients. Whenever a practice changes hands, Jaquay helps both the buyer and seller facilitate a smooth transition and off for expert consulting services to help clients throughout Oklahoma achieve their goals. At the heart of Jaquay enterprise is Tabatha Jaquay-Fernandez, and expert transition advisor with years of experience. 


For more information on your go to Oklahoma City dental broker experts, contact Jaquay enterprise here. 

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